Isn’t it amazing that David Letterman was cracking jokes about the life and morality of Sarah Palin’s teenaged daughter and yet another news story about him and his own life broke today?


 Last night David Letterman announced during his monologue laced with jokes that he has been having sexual affairs with members of his staff. The only reason that he was confessing this is because he was the victim of a recent extortion attempt by someone aware of this and this person was trying to squeeze  about two million dollars out of Letterman in exchange for his silence.


This news broke last night at about 9:45 pm and Larry King halted the interview with Jon Gosselin to announce this racy new scandal about the late night talk show star. I sat there hearing the breaking news and yawned in the midst of it. I am not sure if my non-reaction was due to not at all being surprised to hear this about the likes of Letterman or if I am just becoming desensitized to it all as this sort of scandal seems to be in the news daily any more.


What I did think about is the fact that our president just last week enjoyed sitting and chatting with Letterman on his show. Our society just seems to have things all twisted around …an individual like him is sought after by the President of the United States. Our President apparently views his show as a worthy, reputable, and dignified forum to be watched on. I just wonder what the young people of our country think when they hear and watch Barak Obama bantering with Letterman one week, then the news of Letterman’s confessions is part of his monologue the next week.


The fact that he would be joking in the midst of talking about how he has been having sexual relationships with members of his staff is disturbing enough. Who would do that? I will tell you who…someone who thinks that he is someone very special, someone who feels that he is above the standards and accepted rules of moral decency and someone who has lost his way. His moral compass is way off kilter and he is so unaware of it, that he casually blabs and flaunts it in the midst of a comedy routine.


What is even more astounding is the laughter from his audience whose only concern seems to be to cater to Letterman. It is almost as if they view him as so cool, so in vogue, so hilarious, that they will snicker and titter as he jokes about his moral failures. In their minds, Letterman is untouchable. Have we really become that shallow and insecure that we will chuckle at someone because of his celebrity regardless of how uncharactered and pitiful of a person he is? Apparently so.


David Letterman is a foolish and unwise man and yet he is revered by many in today’s society. He is a sad and tragic figure…not so much because of his moral failure but because of his flippant and trite view of it. Many have failed in many areas of life but have been broken and learned from it. He on the other hand sees himself as exempt from any repercussions or consequences….and why does he? Because his audience keeps laughing…that’s why.


I hope and pray that as we think of Letterman, we recognize him as the lost soul that he is. He is not to be admired, but to be pitied and prayed for.