Since several of my most recent articles have been centered on what has been happening lately in the news, I had every intention to make today’s blog topic that which has not been in the headlines as of late. A recent clip however, of a wedding that made national news and has become a YouTube sensation is preventing me from doing so.   I must write about the hype of the wedding dance in which the wedding party, the groom, and then finally the bride dance and boogey their way down the aisle to the altar.


        I have to be honest and say that at first, as I watched this soon to be married couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen come jamming down the aisle, it made me smile and chuckle. It was just such a novel idea and one that I have not seen played out before…ever… and that is precisely the appeal of it. Don’t we just all enjoy something that is fresh, brash…just against the traditional status quo at times? Absolutely we do and I firmly believe that is why this video has gained so much attention and attracted so much talk and hype. Instead of seeing the wedding party come in slowly and thoughtfully to a well known bridal procession tune, instead we witness lively dancing that one would see in a club, not a church. That initial shock and difference just hits the masses viewing it as something fun and new.


        But is that what it’s all about?  Should the goal of a wedding be that which is most different, most shocking or most fun? I guess what I am asking is should the aim and focus of uniting a man and a woman in marriage be to reach for the most wild and crazy experience or should we be striving to that which is SACRED?  Yes, I just said the dirty word of this decade…SACRED. This is a word and a concept that frankly, is fading in today’s society. All of us have heard the well known question of “Is there anything sacred anymore?”  Well, there is usually a very good reason why a statement has reached “cliché” or “quotation” status and that is because there is much truth and wisdom packed into such expressions. I realize that this video is viewed as hip, as progressive and challenges long held traditions of the American wedding, but that does not make it right or what is best. This couple chose to be united in marriage in a church , a building that represents the house of God in which all that takes place there should be respectful and worshipful. There should be a sense of thoughtfulness, of serenity, of a love for the Lord who ultimately is the One who is overseeing and joining a man and a woman (please note that I said man and woman and not two people) together to be husband and wife. How sad that this young couple chose to enter into their union in a manner that smacks of the night life in a club somewhere. There are many who will read that last sentence and mock and guffaw as they regard my view as judgmental prudishness. Those folks are entitled to their opinion but I submit that when we really consider it, this couple, this wedding party, that danced in a wedding ceremony actually are not being all that different at all. Their outward actions were indeed something new, but their flippant and casual approach to an event that is seen as holy and sacred in God’s eyes fits right into the every day attitudes of folks everywhere these days. After all, the goal, the focus of today is often to have as much “fun” and be as outlandish as we can in all that we do, is it not?  No wonder this wedding was such a hit in our shallow, entertainment crazed culture of today. It gives one pause for thought or at least it should.


        I’m sort of ashamed actually that I initially laughed and smiled at that wedding video.

The fact that I did is proof of the incredible effect that today’s culture has on us.

Christians everywhere who should know better have probably laughed and viewed it numerous times.

Have you?

If so, would you describe that ceremony as sacred ?
It is supposed to be.


How do I know that?

Because God said so.

And He is holy …even though we are not.


Think about it.