The moon at night is a perfectly formed circle to our naked eye, is it not ?
I know that if we were up close, it would not actually be a perfect sphere yet from down here it appears that way.
Even that to me, is amazing.

If our entire universe and all of creation was formed by some cataclysmic, random event 
like a huge explosion out of nowhere
a super haphazard, meaningless " big bang "
what are the chances that the moon would look like it does ?

Have you ever thought about that ?

I have

When I  began considering the reality of God , of eternal life, of the truth of the Bible
one of the very first images that I could not deny, not get around was that beautiful lit up circle in the sky
it was laughing at me

laughing because it is so very evident
that there is an order, a plan, a design
behind all of creation

and I needed to acknowledge that
it demanded a decision from me
about what I knew in my heart to be true.

So glad that I made that decision long ago
It has made all the difference

Next time you see a full moon in the dark sky
do not just glance at it
but gaze at it
ponder it
question it
think about it
why does it look like a perfect circle ?

There is a reason for that
Someone made it
and He wants you to know Him