Today I read an article that both infuriated and saddened me. It was about none other than Michael Jackson. I have already written a previous blog about Jackson in which I tried to measure my response about the ridiculous and nonstop media coverage. I recognized the fact that his family and those close to him who loved him were sincerely grieving as it is tremendously painful to lose a loved one at any time but especially when that death comes suddenly and unexpectedly. I still feel empathy and compassion towards those who are hurting because of his absence now in their lives.


``I am however, becoming near to the point of being completely incensed at what I read today which is that congress held a moment of silence in his honor. Have we gone mad? Michael Jackson is an individual who paid twenty million dollars to silence an accuser. It is that plain and simple. A thirteen year old boy accused him of sexually molesting him and Jackson settled out of court for a sum of twenty million dollars. Innocent people do not do that.  Jackson also admitted publicly on television that he slept in his bed with little boys. Folks can argue all day long about whether or not any sexual activity occurred during those strange slumber parties, but that is irrelevant is it not? Isn’t it inappropriate enough that he allowed young children to even sleep with him? I saw a panel of his supporters the other night defending Jackson left and right until the host of the show asked each of them if they would feel comfortable leaving their young children with Jackson to be babysat by him. Without fail, each supporter reluctantly admitted that they would not. Give me a break people, can we please get real? Can we please stop being so politically correct and wishy washy about what is right and what is wrong?


         I acknowledge that the guy could sing and dance and that he was a superb entertainer. That talent also allowed him a degree of financial security that enabled him to contribute to charities and other beneficial causes. All of that is admirable, but guess what? That’s where the accolades end! He was a confused, disturbed, desperate man in many ways whose character was greatly in question yet our congress pauses for a moment of silence?  As an American, I am literally sickened by that, I truly am.


         The article I read also talked about a mother whose son died in military service the exact same day that Jackson died and how she wanted to scream at the adoration and praise that she was having to endure as our media kept referring to him as an American icon and hero. My heart aches for that mother as her son and other young men and women like him who have given their lives for our country are the real heroes. Americans like them have been dying for years on battlefields all over the globe so Michael Jackson could live the life of freedom that he did. Folks, I honestly try my best to not have an angry or terse tone to my writing but today I am angered and somewhat ashamed. Ashamed to be a citizen of a country who has so lost their way, and veered off course so horribly that one of our governing institutions bows their head in a moment of quiet respect for such an obviously unhappy, confused, and disturbed man as Michael Jackson.


        I suppose the only good news of the day is that I heard that Nancy Pelosi just in the last hour shut down a proposal for a resolution honoring Jackson. I do not agree with or support much of anything that Nancy Pelosi does, but thankfully, even she had the sense to recognize the absurdity of that. I am also grateful that when the black caucus in congress asked for the moment of silence that other members of congress had the character and boldness to walk out of the room in protest.


         Readers, I just do not want my grandchildren growing up in a land in which our priorites are so muddied up and twisted that the meaning of the word “hero” has been completely lost. Do you? If you are also as concerned as I am, begin to speak up. Do not sit idly by and shrug your shoulders with an air of resignation or futility. Apathy is the gateway to defeat and always has been. Refuse to allow that gate to open and please start to become passionate in your own way. Let your voice be heard…whether that be by writing your congressman every day on pertinent issues affecting our lives, whether it be writing a blog, or simply speaking up in conversations around the water cooler at work or in the neighborhood, whatever it may be, start standing up for right and and be vocal about it.


 We are becoming way too silent which is precisely why we have reached a point in which our own congress bows in silence for someone that they never should have.


 You must care.

 You must not be silent.

 You must be heard.


 Begin today!