One of the headlines on the news last night was that American cities are ramping up their focus on their George Zimmerman Verdict Riot Plans. We should be saying " THEIR WHAT ?" when we hear that but sadly many of us are not. Instead we sort of nonchalantly shrug our shoulders...not because we don't care but because we have come to expect this sort of behavior.

Anyone who has been following the Zimmerman trial knows exactly why these cities are worried. They are sensing an acquittal in the near future. Day by day the defense has blown the prosecution out of the water. It hasn't even been close. Witnesses and experts alike have backed up and corroborated the testimony of George Zimmerman and it has become crystal clear that this man was unfairly tried by the media before this trial ever began. In fact, initially the District Attorney deemed that there was not even enough evidence to even have a trial and the only reason that there was, is because the DA's office caved to public pressure. Now that the facts are coming to light in a court of law, it is almost an embarrassing scene to watch in terms of the prosecution. The prosecutors are giving new meaning to the term " grasping for straws " and everyone knows it. Even law enforcement across the country know it - hence the reason for authorities across the nation drawing up their plans to combat the predicted rioting that is anticipated.

And isn't that sad ?

We all are convinced that there may very well be chaos and mayhem once the verdict is announced. The fact that a jury of his peers has heard all the evidence, all the testimonies, will mean nothing to this segment of society. Pastors and clergy across the nation are encouraging their churches to be peaceful and accepting of the verdict yet many are skeptical that their efforts will be successful. Again, I beg the question..why is that? Why do we have to brace ourselves for violence and destruction ? It is a worthy question.

Here is another one - Did the country brace itself for rioting before the O.J. Simpson verdict was read ? No....not at all. First, because there was overwhelming evidence of his guilt in the crime and so no one was expecting the outrageous "not guilty" verdict. However it came...and what was the public's response?  It was shock, outrage, indignation, surprise.....but not violence. Cities were not burning down. People did not lose their lives. Violence did not ensue. In spite of the fact that a man of color just got away with murdering two caucasion people in cold blood, there was no rioting, no killing, no fires.

I am so weary of this politically correct country. We tiptoe around the truth, we have allowed a cultural tone to develop to the point where we are now forced to have "verdict plans" in place to combat individuals who blatantly have no regard for law or our justice system. We all accept it as "normal" when it is anything but right or just behavior. Simply put, we just accept this as the way things are. How pathetic.

Even though I do not personally know George ZImmerman , nor did I know Travon Martin, I have sincerely prayed for the truth to be revealed in this trial whether the verdict be guilty or not guilty. I was not there when this tragic event took place so it would have been wrong for me to arrive at any conclusion until the facts were presented in a court of law. Following the trial closely during these recent days however, in my opinion the evidence is strongly supporting the defendant and I would be extremely stunned if he is found to be " guilty." We have all been surprised before though, so anything is possible.

One thing I know for certain, whatever the verdict, I don't plan on burning down any buildings or causing harm to other individuals. Too bad not everyone else in this country feels the same. I wonder how many other lives may be lost once the verdict is read...and therein lies the irony. We already have one dead boy but by this time next week, we may easily have fifty or more other dead people....all because of differences in skin color. Make no mistake about it...if Travon Martin had been a white boy, none of us would even know his name and this story would have never made headlines. Over the fourth of July weekend, eleven blacks were killed in the city of Chicago. It hasn't made headline news however because the killers were allegedly also black. Black on black crime just doesn't seem to snag the media's attention. Black on white crime is also rather non-eventful in terms of news unless the accused is a famous person as was the case with O.J. Simpson. Stand by however when a black person is dead and the accused is not. That is quite a different story.

I just want the truth to be told and I don't want to be a person who is too timid to tell the truth. That is what is causing so much injustice in our land. Can we not just be honest about what is going on ?

Something to think about.