I lost her when I was just nineteen so she has been gone for thirty-six years now. In two more years she will be gone for twice as long as I had her with me in this life yet somehow I just never get used to it.


I have five brothers and no sisters …she was my only mom, I was her only daughter. Sounds fairly silly to state it like that but that pretty much sums it up. When she died suddenly one night of a burst brain aneurism, life as I knew it changed instantly.


Over the years, the pain of her absence dulled and the agony of her passing gradually lessened and my new normal became life without her. My children were born, they grew, they graduated, got married, now have children of their own. They never knew her and likewise she never knew any of them. It is a loss and a hurt that never fully went away but did not crush my heart every day as time went by…..except at Christmas.


My mom was a Christmas mom – Why is that?


 Because she baked cookies for every house on the street, arranged them in boxes and distributed her delicious baked goods to everyone we knew.


Because she would wrap presents for days on end in her bedroom telling me to “not come in” because her room was filled with surprises for my brothers and I.


 Because she bought chocolate Santas and talked about how the real Santa would be landing on the roof that special night.


Because she would turn on the news to see exactly where his sleigh was in the sky and sure enough the news anchor would give a report as to exactly what state Santa was flying over at that time.


Because she and I watched a show together every Christmas called “Chris Kringle”


Because she believed in Jesus and prayed often


Because she made Christmas simply magical for her family.


Because she was so exhausted at the end of every Christmas that she would fall fast asleep in her red rocking chair.


Louise Houston Simpson  - a beautiful mom at all times but especially missed at Christmas !