When I first learned about Facebook about a year or so ago, I was intrigued but did not jump in with both feet. Being the tech dinosaur that I am, I was hesitant and really did not want to be bothered with it. My adult son continued to encourage me however and so slowly, I became familiar enough with it to understand it.


            As I said, that was approximately a year ago and a lot can change in a year. For the past four or five months, not only am I understanding it, but I find myself allured by it and almost addicted…and guess what? I am not alone. I am discovering that some of my “friends” on my friend list literally live on Facebook- what I mean by that, is that they not only frequent the site often, they hardly ever exit it. There are folks who post and chat on FB all during the work week, during work hours. Not sure how they pull that off, but they do. I had one particular friend who would even post remarks like “Crazy busy at work today”…when I read that, I thought “ Really? Then why are you on facebook leaving comments every ten minutes?”


         I am not trying to sound negative or sarcastic, I honestly am not, I am just finding myself scratching my head lately at other aspects of Facebook as well. I am also amazed at the various types of information that people will post. For example, I have read the following tidbits…”Just dusted my end tables”,  “I have a sinus infection and when I blow my nose, it’s gross” and the blue ribbon winner was “I have nothing to say on my status today.” Huh?  If that’s the case, why tell us about it?  I completely understand folks posting anything that contains significant content…perhaps they just landed a job and want to let their friends know, or someone wants to ask others to pray about an upcoming event in their lives or a grandma or grandpa posts pictures or news about their grandchildren. Posts of that nature are appropriate and can be interesting and worthwhile. Posts that inform us that someone “just burped” or “just farted” however are not. Forgive me for being so blunt and candid in that last sentence but I needed to include those as examples to illustrate a point.  That point is that while facebook is a great vehicle to share important updates about our lives, much of what is posted is simply so trivial and mundane that it is ludicrous to even waste the time and energy to type it out. Let’s just spare one another the boring details of our every day lives…can’t we?


        Another aspect is the starstruck couple who leaves intimate personal messages to one another so everyone can publicly read them. Things like “John, I love you so much, you are my adorable little punkin goochie goochie baby cakes- love you sugarpie…Mary”. John will reply with “You beautiful precious angel who I adore and think about all day- I love you more than you love me”. Mary then replies with “You know that is impossible- you could never love me more than I love you” and on it goes. It’s almost like being privy to watching a couple making out on a park bench or something- just better that those sorts of sentiments are expressed privately just between the two love birds, do you know what I mean? Yet couples are apparently seeing nothing wrong or inappropriate with sharing their personal intimate conversations with about a hundred thousand other folks…I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but that seems a bit odd.


        Perhaps it’s time to just take a step back and reflect a bit as to the different shades and twists and turns that we can start taking on these social networking sites.  These sites can certainly be a great way to reconnect with friends and family that we haven’t spoken to for years. I reconnected with a nephew on FB that I hadn’t seen or talked to for over twenty years, and it culminated in him flying out to visit with our family this past summer. We all had a fabulous time with him and it all began with him reaching out to us on Facebook so there are most definitely positive results that can come about by using it but let’s just also be wise and selective as well.


        We all just need to remember that we are representing ourselves when we post remarks and that it is basically one huge personal advertisement when we publicly display information about our lives. If we can keep those reminders fresh and in the forefront of our thinking and with our activity on these sites, perhaps we won’t be updated as often about so and so’s last nap, or bout with stomach gas. Being ignorant of that information would be worth it, don’t you agree?


        It’s something to think about.