“ The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles as in growing with them.” – Bernard M. Baruch


What life has no trouble?  Such a life does not exist. Human beings struggle with all kinds of areas of trouble…money woes, health issues, family hurts, friendship problems, parenting pain, you name it….the list is endless.

Our happiness and fulfillment in dealing with trouble really is not to escape it or wipe it out because that is impossible. Rather, the solution is to first go to God and ask His help and second to adjust, adapt, solve, and to finally grow from whatever troublesome situation we find ourselves in. Too often however, we do just the opposite. We at first are angered by the dilemma in which we discover ourselves. We either complain or rage against our circumstances. This knee jerk type reaction might provide a small amount of feel good satisfaction but it is always very temporary and does nothing to help our problem. Instead we continue to wallow in frustration until we reach a crucial point.

What point is that?

The point at which we stop being mad at our situation and begin to work with it. The reason it takes so many of us so long to reach that point is because we are simply stubborn and slow to accept. Acceptance can sometimes be a bad thing such as when we see ourselves or our children accepting a lower standard of achievement from ourselves or themselves than what they are capable of.  More often however, acceptance is a stumbling block in our lives because we refuse to accept something that has come our way.  Life has thrown us an unexpected curve ball and we are floored by it.  We cry, we groan, we whine, we try to ignore it, we are mad about it, we want to blame someone for it. We go through a myriad of emotions but seldom is acceptance one of them yet the truth is that life teaches us that the sooner we will accept a trial or a troublesome situation, the sooner we will find peace and contentment.

Maybe your trouble today is something very huge….you have lost a loved one. Perhaps it is dealing with a rebellious child. Maybe it is a diagnosis that you just received that you never imagined. It could be that a friend or someone you love has crushed you in some way. It is very possible that your house has just reached foreclosure or some other financial crisis is pressing upon you.

We have a choice…to react and become bitter and angry or to respond and accept. If we choose the latter, we are quickly on the path to a solution and ultimately to a better place.

ACCEPTANCE – make it your friend and your help, not your enemy and your demise. Only then can we grow from our trouble !

1 Peter 5:10 – But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a little while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you