Today I wake up to a more quiet, empty home. I don’t hear Gospel or old jazz tunes ringing out from her pink walled bathroom upstairs. I realized that I didn’t have to bang on the wall downstairs to remind her that a 30 minute shower is a bit too long. I can’t hear her singing in her room nor am I locking horns with her in yet another one of our many mom-daughter “discussions”. The “her” that I refer to surrounds my gorgeous, fun loving daughter Kasey. Yesterday we arrived back home from taking her to California to college. Last night I sat on her bed in that empty room and shed a tear or two as I thought of conversations and so many memories.


     I thought of that sunny afternoon on May 30th, 1991 when my husband climbed out of a car that had come directly from the airport; he carried our new baby daughter who was almost six months old and he walked across the yard, kissed me and said “ Here is our little girl” and placed Kasey in my arms. As I held and hugged her for the first time, I never imagined at that moment how terribly fast the next eighteen years would pass, yet they have. Last week, we walked into her dorm room, helped her unpack, made up her bed, and hung up her clothes in her new “home”. These next few years will be filled with new people, experiences, and new memories to make as she begins this new journey.

    Am I sad? Hardly. I am feeling a tad nostalgic this morning but sadness is the furthest emotion from me as I write this blog entry today. Instead I feel excitement, anticipation, and hope as I look forward to hearing from her about all of the new things that she is learning and experiencing.  She is already enjoying herself and busy with new friends and the thought of calling home has not even occured to that pretty head of hers. I on the other hand, have called once and the conversation was all of about ten seconds long. She was with a group of her new friends and I could hear the shouting, laughing, and talking of others right next to her. One of them yelled “Hey Kasey, get off the phone, come here, I want to show you something” and she did just that. She hurriedly said “Okay mom, gotta run, I’m having a great time, love you , but don’t call me , I’ll call you cause I’m super busy here!” …I replied “Okay you” and then click. It was a click that taught me a lesson…she has begun a new phase of her life. I am missing that girl, yet.. I am tickled for her.


    It’s a new chapter; she is so ready and I am also. I’m here for her on the other end of the phone or e-mail if she needs me, however I have a hunch that won’t be too often. We raised her to be dependent on God, but independent of us, as it should be. How thankful to our God we are for giving her to us and how proud of her we are! Undoubtedly, there are challenges, frustrations and some defeats that will await her in this new experience as that is how life goes, but we pray that she is as prepared as she will ever be to face each one of them.


    Yes, it’s kind of quiet around here, but the inner peace inside of me is filling that void. Unpredictable, fun loving, singing, hilarious, sometimes loud, crazy Kasey is about 3000 miles away and I know she is loving it. I’m with her every step of the way and am just grateful for having the privilege of raising her. You go girl, your mom is rooting for you!