In yesterday’s blog I spoke about the recent incident in which Kanye West was extremely rude to Taylor Swift at the VMA awards. In another recent post I also spoke about Facebook and many different aspects concerning that social networking site. I have received a few e-mails from parents expressing that they are very unaware of how Facebook works and I also had a parent comment to me that they are unaffected by anything that takes place on an entertainment awards show as they never watch such programs. I understand the disinterest of these moms and dads for themselves but I want to ask one question…Do you think that your children are unaware? Of course they aren’t…Trust me when I tell you that whether your child attends a secular public school or a private Christian school, much of the talk yesterday and on Facebook last night was about Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Some of you parents are thinking “No way, because I don’t allow my children to watch those award shows.” I am not trying to sound demeaning or rude when I say this, but so what? I didn’t watch VMA awards either, not one minute of it, yet I am aware of the West incident. It was all over the news, the entertainment gossip shows and talked about on many teens’ Facebook pages.


Where am I going with all of this? I am running straight to the topic of relevancy. Many parents and particularly committed Christian parents I fear are so separated from any knowledge, any awareness whatsoever about what is out there in our culture in the entertainment arena, the music world that their kids dismiss them as hopelessly out of touch. I am not promoting that we personally immerse ourselves into today’s culture to where we ourselves are watching and listening to the world’s entertainment to the point in which it becomes a detriment to us or to our children. I am however suggesting that as parents we have a responsibility to educate ourselves enough to be at least aware of which entertainers, what movies, which music groups are popular. We need to know who and what is the talk of our young people, who do they think is “cool” and “hip”, and what is luring and tempting them out in this crazy world in which we live. Some strict parents who may be reading this may be thinking that their children, their teens find much of this entertainment as distasteful as they do....that can be a very dangerous and naïve assumption. The truth is that even if your child does not watch, listen to, participate in or enjoy in any way much of what is the rage in the entertainment world, I will guarantee you that they are at the very least aware of it. They know the popular bands, the newest shows and movies and current topics out there. They hear other kids talking about this stuff at school, in the hallway, in their texting and yes, on Facebook. This is their world, their peers, what is going on and it becomes important to them. Granted, its importance varies from one young person to the next, but they all are aware.


The question is…as parents, are we? We had better be. I say that because the quickest way to cause our children to write us off as hopelessly out of touch is to stick our heads in the sand and willingly be ignorant of what is current today. I was standing near a group of young people recently in which a young guy mentioned one of the top selling bands of today to their parents and their parent said “Who?”  That son rolled his eyes, shot a knowing glance to his buddies and they all enjoyed a muffled laugh together. If those chuckles had their own language, it would have said “Oh and dad, you are so clueless!”  I also am aware of parents of teens who have no idea what a social networking site is or how to get on one, yet their fifteen year old has pictures posted that would most likely cause them to lose quite a bit of sleep at night.


Am I claiming to have always been aware of all that took place with my four children when they were growing up? Hardly! There was much that I missed and they pulled the wool over my eyes on many occasions. Now that they are all grown, they sometimes even now share some of their antics and stunts that my husband and I were completely unaware of at the time. Now that they are parents, and we are grandparents, I learn about

things that they were interested in or enjoyed when they were teens that I wasn’t really as clued in as I should have been. So I am not at all attempting to portray myself as a mom who did it all right because the Lord knows, my husband and I certainly didn’t. I will say though that we tried to keep ourselves as aware as we could as to the world in which our teens found themselves living. As parents, we all must do so because if we don’t , our children will begin to dismiss us as social dinosaurs who can’t possibly understand them, their struggles, their temptations, their lives.


We hear the word “smart” tossed around so much these days….the terms “smart money”, “smart bombs” have been heard by all of us. What about being a “smart parent?”  What about being a “savvy parent” who stays in the know about what is going on? Do you know what music groups are the rage right now? Do you know if your child listens to them? What is their favorite T.V. show? How about their favorite actor? Who do they listen to on the radio? What’s on their ipod? Who are their friends on their facebook account? Do you know if they have an account? What is their language? When they say something is “sick” or “stupid”, do you know that that actually means “cool” …something “good”? That’s their terminology folks, and we need to know about it.


Parents, there are a thousand other questions I could ask but hopefully you get what I am driving at. Dive into your kids minds and hearts and learn what is affecting them won’t you?   


Become aware

Become current

Become interested

Become involved



It will make the all the difference!