In about six weeks, our family will be celebrating a very special event....the arrival of our next grand baby. He will be the first child of our youngest son and his wife, Matty and Lindsay. He will be joining seven older cousins, two sets of adoring grandparents, and many Aunts and Uncles and a mom and dad who will love him to the moon and back. He is a wanted, cherished, blessed little boy already.

This message is to him ...from his Mimi.

 Right now you are still in your mommy's tummy but very soon you will say " hello " to this big ol' world. It will be a wonderful,  joyful day in all of our lives, but especially in the lives of your mom and dad. They wanted you, they prayed for you, they already love you intensely and yet that haven't even met you. What a great thing that is ! Not all babies begin their lives with this blessing that you have. It is something to always be grateful for as you grow up. God surely smiled on you when he gave you the parents that He did ! My prayer is that you always rejoice in that gift.

My other prayer for you little guy, is that you know how precious you are to our great God who knew you, who formed you within the womb, who has a specific and desired plan for your life. What will bring you the most contentment , the most satisfaction, and the most joy in this life is to find out what that plan is and to follow it with your whole heart. Many people miss this...they never fully understand why they are here in this world or who it was who created them. My prayer for you as your Mimi is that you will grasp the truth of God at the earliest age possible. I pray that you understand why Jesus came to this earth, why He died for you and for me and for all of us, and that you give your life to Him by trusting Him as your Savior. Christ is the answer to life and your life will be abundant and joyous if you honor Him all of your days.

I desire for you to laugh a lot, to skip, to enjoy life to the fullest. The first few years will be filled with your needs being met every second of the day by others. You will be fed, changed, snuggled, rocked, sung to, and coddled in every way possible way. You will be gazing into the eyes of your beautiful mommy as she feeds you. You will be getting piggy back rides from your daddy , as well as being tickled mercilessly by him. Get ready for some wrestling matches and endless giggling. There will also be some spankings along the way too...and that is also because mom and dad love you so much.

For many years you will be the taker. Others will be giving to you and giving some more. As you grow though, your Mimi's prayer for you is that you will start giving back. My prayer is that you will begin to grow into a thoughtful and considerate boy who will care about others, who will be concerned for the feelings of others besides yourself. Some people never reach this point of maturity ; it is always about them. They are not the happy ones in this life however, they are the most miserable of souls. I want so much more for you little one. I want you to understand that what brings the most happiness, the most fulfillment in this life is when you put others first before yourself. God will teach you and help you to do this. He is the only one who can.

So we are now on the countdown....the last six weeks before you make your grand entrance. It can be a challenging and sometimes crazy world that you are entering but God is able. Your job is to allow Him to help you and guide you through it all, and to have a great time while doing so ! I want you to enjoy your life. I want you to grow, learn, accomplish, and most of all to love. My hope is to often see a smile on your handsome face and a twinkle in your eye as you begin your journey. On those days where it is hard to grin and difficult to laugh, I pray that you lean on the God that loves you so much.

He will never fail you.
He will always listen to you.
He will forever love you.

Even more so than your family does....which is a tremendous amount.
You can believe it -

Because your Mimi said so ! :)