I just spoke with Tony, and the doctors have not given any good news. The cancer that Hannah is fighting is Ewing Sarcoma. The prognosis with chemo is 10% survival, and 3-6 weeks without treatment. Please pray for God's Will to be done.

The above status was posted by one of my facebook friends names Ben Sauceda. Just a few days ago he posted that in just the last two weeks , his family received the shocking diagnosis that his little seven year old niece Hannah has stage 4 cancer and the prognosis for her future does not look promising. Just a couple short weeks ago her parents were most likely focusing on decorating, baking, wrapping, and then suddenly …their entire world turned upside down. Even since Ben began posting about his niece’s condition and asking for people to please pray, I have been doing just that. My mind is boggled at the terrible pain and hurt that her mom and dad must be experiencing over these last ten to fourteen days.


Not only has Hannah’s news caused me to pray for her and her parents but it has also put things into perspective. Before reading about this little gal’s plight, my mind was burdened about other things – things that matter but in the grand scheme of life…are actually fairly petty when one considers this family and this child who is fighting for her life. Now when I am praying for Hannah, I find myself also asking God to forgive me for being so self absorbed in my own small corner of life that seems to captivate my thoughts and attention.


Have you been disappointed lately? Upset about something?  Are you holding a grudge or clinging to some bitterness brought on by some offense or hurt?  Reconcile and let go and say a prayer for this little girl who needs it. Thank God for His provisions, for your family, for your health. Many are  not experiencing those specific blessings this Holiday season. Sometimes we just need to refocus and rejoice !


Would you please say a prayer for Hannah right now?     God bless you as you do!