I read in the news yesterday that a little six year old boy had been suspended for an extended period of time because he brought a cub scout utensil of sorts to school. Apparently the “weapon” in question was a type of fold up can opener and small pocket knife. Initially the punishment that was being slapped on this supposed miniature criminal is that he would have to attend an alternative school designed for problematic kids for a time period of approximated six weeks or so. Once again, the public school system makes a decision completely void of common sense.


Once prayer and intentional Godly influence was banned from our public school system years ago, it was not long before violence, assaults, drugs, and all manner of mayhem began being common place in the classrooms. The general decline in behavior standards was falling rapidly and civility in the school house was quickly becoming a thing of the past. To combat this alarming trend, school systems everywhere began adopting “ zero tolerance” policies which resulted in suspensions like the one that was in the news yesterday in which a first grader is sent to a reform school setting because he mindlessly brought his little cub scout utensil to the classroom.


I have a question…have we gone mad? Have we really sunk and dumbed ourselves down to the point in which common sense no longer has its place? What a solution…let’s send this little six year old boy who brought his cub scout stuff to a school with really troubled kids who have proven themselves to be on a dangerous and troublesome path. That will certainly help this little guy to learn a lesson, won’t it?  Good night folks, please someone tell me that this is all a joke. Sadly, it isn’t.


This seems to be the world that we find ourselves living in though. The same school system that will readily punish this naïve little boy in this way also allows sexual relations to take place on gym floors on prom nights. Do you think I am kidding? I am not. It is being widely reported that high schools all across our nation are contemplating doing away with proms. The main reason this is being discussed is that many schools are claiming that the sexually explicit dance moves and open sexual activity are occurring in gymnasiums across the country on that big night of the school year. School superintendants state that they are in a quandary as to what to do about the problem. Really? They are seriously mixed up about how to handle such outright immorality yet there seems to be immediate and clear consequences for a six year old who innocently brought something to school that he should not have? I ask again…have we lost our minds?


This isn’t the first time that I have heard of this sort of lunacy either- I have read accounts of students being permanently expelled for having nail clippers in make up pouches and small grooming scissors in gym bags. What it all boils down to is that as a society, we have seemingly lost our common sense and ability to reasonably assess different situations and to discern correctly the motives and circumstances involved. Some may cry out that rules and punishments must be across the board punishments with no room for individual analysis of varying offenses, but to operate in that manner is simply absurd. For heaven’s sake, a little tyke innocently bringing his cub scout gadget to school in no way compares to an adolescent concealing a weapon with the intent to do purposeful harm to someone else.


We have lost our way and instead of putting forth the extra effort of being thoughtful and reasonable and taking the time to find our way back, it is just so much easier to apply the band aid of zero tolerance to every problem.


The even deeper issue that no one desires to address is the decay and decline of the moral fabric of society. Instead of focusing on that, we spend all our effort on sweeping policies that exact severe punishments rather than getting to the root of the issue of the hearts and minds of these kids and why they do what they do in the first place.


Although I am not certain as to what the answer is to the students of today who are serious problem students and trouble makers, there is one thing that I do know for sure. That is that a little first grader who was innocent and simply naïve should not be banned from his school and sent to a corrective atmosphere that is designed for wayward youths. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.


Our nation needs much prayer and at the top of the list is that we will somehow regain the common sense that we once had.


Thank God that this little boy was reinstated to his school as of today. The school board in his district apparently reversed their decision and have allowed him to return to his first grade class. Good for them…they made the right decision and saved some face in the process. We can only hope that other counties and schools follow suite and begin to return to rational and sensible thinking.