Everyone lies. That is a fact. The only human who ever walked this earth who never told a lie was Jesus which is why His sacrifice on the cross has the power to wipe out our sins and cancel our debt.


        The difference however between some folks and others is the frequency and the depth of their lying. Some folks have a strange and incredible capacity to lie and deceive so often, so thoroughly, that their entire life itself actually becomes one enormous lie.


        Look at Bernie Madoff…a man who lied and cheated innocent folks out of billions of dollars. How about the many news stories that we hear about in which married partners have lied for years to one another?  These people seem to have the ability to live for weeks, months, and years …decades even knowing that they are being false and deceptive. My question is and has always been “How do these individuals pillow their heads at night?”  How can you go on with your life year after year, knowing that you are a complete fraud , a total deceiver?


        I have heard it explained that some folks simply have the ability to “compartmentalize”. In other words, they are able to internally divide their life into tidy little boxes. One box is their “normal” box in which they live their loving family man/woman, responsible professional, upstanding citizen existence. There also exists another very separate and definitive box however which may be that which encompasses all manner of dark, secretive, and abnormal behavior. They grow so accustomed to functioning with these plural boxes within themselves that it actually becomes their “normal” and they tend to manage and carry on quite nicely with apparently very little inner turmoil or conflict. I personally do not buy into this theory of compartmentalizing at all. I simply think that folks who are involved in deep deception yet have no problems sleeping every night, frankly, just have seared consciences.


        This is not the way that God created us nor the manner in which He desires us to live in this world. Each person born was given a conscience which is that small voice within us pricking our minds and hearts when we know we are doing wrong. Folks who habitually lie and deceive for years on end actually harden and callous their God given conscience to the point in which it is no longer sensitive enough to speak to them. It’s that simple…it is not some complex, intricate, difficult to understand enigma of human behavior.


        Those who are guilty of this type of abnormal deep deception would like us to think that it is not that basic of an issue yet it is. It is not some difficult to understand disorder, it is just extended false living that has produced a warped conscience and damaged spirit.


        The lesson for all of us is to recognize when we ourselves are not being truthful and to stop and correct it as soon as possible. I have heard it said that anyone is capable of any sin at any given time. I suppose an extension of that statement in regards to this blog today is that any of us is capable of becoming a lifetime habitual liar with a seared conscience. May God help that to not be our testimony.


How about you?  Do you strive to be truthful in all that you say?

When you aren’t, does it bother you?

If not, ask yourself why.


We all need to take inventory of ourselves now and then, do we not?

Be honest with yourself…and determine to stop the lies.


Not living the life of a liar

…it will fill you with joy

… it will heal your spirit

…and give you a clear conscience.


It’s a worthy endeavor!