This coming Saturday my husband and I are going to have a particularly fun and joyful day. We are taking our five year old grandson Trent, to his very first soccer game. This little guy is quite simply one of the treasures of our lives. There are only three perfect people in the world, soon to be four this coming March and they are quite obviously the precious grandbabies of the obnoxious woman writing this blog right now! Ha.


Trent is our very first grandchild and he lights up my life ! He has a beautiful face, looks just like his mom and is one of the most gorgeous human beings alive. He is kind of a quiet little boy who tends to hang back and cautiously observe before jumping right into things. He has an incredibly inquisitive nature, always wanting to know the whys and hows of life. He is happiest when he is working along side someone helping them do a job or figure out how something works. From the time that he could walk, he would always turn things upside down or look underneath of a large item to see how it was built or put together. There is most definitely an engineer’s mind inside that handsome head of his! When he was a toddler, one of his favorite things to do with me, his Mimi is build with his blocks or his Lincoln logs and we have spent many an hour in his room building and knocking down all of our masterpiece structures.


He is now on to building some bigger memories as he makes his soccer debut in just two days. Entering the sports era will be such a great, new step for him and he can count on his Pop and Mimi to be the loudest cheerleaders for him in the stands. Since he has Hastings blood running through his veins, we know that he will be ultra competitive but more so than that, I want him to just enjoy himself out there on that field. I hope that he learns some basic fundamentals of the game but what is more important to me now that I am a Mimi is just wanting to see him running, smiling, and having a ball. That’s the difference between grandparenthood and being mom and dad…as a mom, I desperately wanted my kids to excel in all that they did whether it be in sports, school or whatever they were involved in. As Mimi, I suppose I also desire that, but living a few more years in this ol’ world has taught me the value of lightening up a bit. Being the best or the star of the team is not nearly so important as just being who you are and having a blast while doing so. I really don’t want Trent to feel pressure or stress to score a goal as much as I just desire him to be the very best that he can be. I also do not desire for him to get straight A’s but to just do the best job that he can in his school work. If he achieves all A’s that’s great, but if he doesn’t and is trying his hardest, that is fabulous as well. I sometimes wish that this more laid back attitude that I have as a grandparent, I would have had as a mom. I continually pushed my kids in all of their endeavors and I suppose there is something to be said for that as well and perhaps I am just mellowing now that I am a Mimi, I don’t know. All I know is that no matter how Trent does out on that soccer field, I want him feeling good about it afterwards. I want him to feel accomplished and proud of his efforts and happy that he is part of his very first team.


He and I have so many little jokes and games that we have played with one another since he was a baby. Hours of “ Fe Fi Fo Fum”, “ Tummy Drum”  “Tickle Monster” and countless other games will hopefully be in his memory bank for many years…I know that they will be in mine. He can sometimes be a quirky little fellow as he can come across like he is the lone ranger…as if he doesn’t need to interact with a lot of people.  In a crowded noisy room,  Trent can sometimes be found off to the side, watching and observing yet never missing a trick. I learned early on that while he was not a big talker, he understood absolutely everything that everyone else was saying around him…so much so that we all had to be very careful what was said in front of him, even when he was just two years old. I will never forget that once when he was just a toddler , while he was visiting us and riding in his little car seat in the back seat , I remarked to my teenaged daughter that the guy next to us at the red light was driving like a moron. The light turned green, we drove on and about five seconds later, my precious, innocent grandson said  “ Is da morwon still dere?”  Mimi learned a valuable lesson that day that the little guy was comprehending a whole lot more than what we were giving him credit for!


Trent….a great name and a great boy…and my first grandbaby who will be chasing after that soccer ball with his first uniform on this Saturday. He can count on his Pop and Mimi to be rooting for him all the way.


You are our Trent Tiger, our bug-a-boo, and we are your biggest fans!


 Love, Your Pop and Mimi