Two of my favorite quotes about anger are as follows…


“ The size of a man is known by the size of the thing that makes him angry.”


“ The best answer to anger is silence.”

How often do we get seriously angry at trivial things in life?  For me it is way too often. I can get very upset and all churned up over a person driving way too slowly in front of me. I will mutter something unkind under my breath, get extremely frustrated,  and display a scowl on my face. All because some poor soul ahead of me is driving a little more carefully than what I would prefer them to. The truth is that the other person is most likely staying closer to the speed limit than what I am anyhow so what right of it is mine to be perturbed at all?

I have often defended my lousy attitude in this area by telling myself that I am a type A person who simply likes to get to places quickly and not doddle around but is that really any excuse? Of course it isn’t…it is just something that I say , trying to make myself feel better about being a not so nice person at times. In reality, to get mad and bent out of shape over something so small can reveal quite a bit about a person and that fact is a humbling one.

Perhaps we also excuse ourselves about getting angry because of the particular circumstances that we are in at the time. I know that I minimize my anger in the car because I know that whatever I am muttering quietly about other drivers cannot be heard by them. What we sometimes forget however is that whoever is also in our car with us definitely hears our mumbled frustrations. Usually that other person is another family member so we dismiss them as not really counting , but is that right to think that way? Do we not still need to maintain a testimony before those whom we are closest to?  It is a worthy question that deserves our consideration.

I have seen folks get red in the face mad at check out counters in grocery stores. They are not satisfied with the rate of speed which the clerk is ringing up the groceries or perhaps they become agitated at an extra price check that is needed on an item or any number of silly delays but whatever the reason, their fury becomes ignited over some small action or inconvenience. I myself have been guilty of becoming irritated at waiting and I have to ask myself  why that is. In a world of imperfect humans attempting to just coexist with one another in an imperfect world, why do I allow my contentment just slip away so easily?

I am not sure of the answer but I am definitely most certain of the wisdom of the quote above which states that the size of a man is known by the size of what makes him angry. Those are profound words that deserve our attention. We speak volumes about our love, our courtesy, our patience, our kindness, and a myriad of other character qualities when we allow ourselves to become all twisted up inside over such little things in life. Others notice us, they watch our reactions and listen to our words. We are responsible for our spirits and what makes us angry.

The next time we feel that inner anger meter rising, we just need to take a deep breath and ask ourselves if it is worth it. We need to understand that anger is a poison that wells up inside of us and most times it is so unnecessary and can be avoided or at least managed in a reasonable way. Does this blog resonate with you? Perhaps…perhaps not as you may be a calm, measured soul who does not struggle in this particular area. That is not the category that this writer falls into for sure.

Anger… reveals us and makes us confront our weaknesses. Give it some thought, won’t you?