" They Must Be Having a Bad Day "

October 25, 2017

 Everyone reacts poorly when they hear that someone else has said something negative about them.

    Or do they?

    Years ago I heard a sermon where the preacher said " Wouldn't it be great if we all just gave each other the 
    benefit of the doubt ? Can you imagine what kind of world it would be if every time a person heard that 
    someone had said something negative about them, that the person who was talked about would simply say -
    Well, I know that person doesn't truly feel that way about me....they must have been having a bad day!"

    The idea that someone would be so positive, so gracious, so kind as that ; that they would simply refuse to 
    believe that another had criticized them was a revolutionary idea to me and also far fetched. It was simply hard
    to fathom that a person could be that way. 

    What a world it would be if we would all strive for this reaction when hearing anything repeated about us that is  
    not complimentary or flattering. 

    Hey Joe ....did you know that Mike said you were a cheapskate? 
    Joe's response ~ Really? Well, I know Mike doesn't really think that. He must have been having a hard day. 

    Hey Kate ... did you know that Haley said you were a shallow person? 
    Kate's response ~ Oh, well I'm sure that she was misunderstood or maybe she was having a hard day. 

    Does this sound impossible for someone to respond in this manner?
    Can someone actually refuse to believe the negative?
    Is it possible to choose to believe only the best of others? 

    The answer is YES ! Because I know someone just like this. 
    I have never heard this person  say something negative about another and I have never heard them believe  
   anything negative either. It is just their testimony to be that way.  

    Even if we are wrong and something negative was said, so what? 
    By choosing to not believe it, to not focus on it, to not dwell on it, we are the victor. 
    Also, all those who hear our response will be uplifted and helped by our answer. 

    It flies in the face of what we think is owed us.
    It goes against our flesh.
    Yet it must make God smile.

    Something to think about. 






It Matters Who You Surround Yourself With !

September 7, 2016

Every time that I watch or hear Mike Pence speak I sigh. I can't help it....I sigh because I wish he was our Presidential nominee instead of Trump. I know that is futile and wishful thinking but please just humor me and let me pretend. The truth is that I am not the only who feels this way. Pence is a humble, kind, mature, charactered, classy family man who is a true believer in Christ. In other words, pretty much everything that Donald Trump is not. However, if we cannot have Pence as the P...

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First Correction Then Affection

May 24, 2016

  Are you a parent, a teacher, a coach ?
  Are you someone who has children in your care and under your authority ?
  If so, you understand well the frustration that those little lives can create within you.

  They can make you yell, scream, moan, and pull your hair out.
  Ideally, those are not the reactions that we strive for but is sometimes reality.

  Hopefully as the adults in kids' lives, we admonish, scold, correct, and punish in a calm and controlled manner.
  My question is, what next ...

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The Importance of Humor !

May 18, 2016

 Life is not a breeze.

 If we are all honest, we know that life can be downright difficult at times.
 Simply put, it can be -


Hopefully this isn't what life is like for the majority of your time that you are conscious and functioning.

For those times that it is though....what one ingredient can HELP in a HUGE WAY ? What one element when interjected into the midst of quarrels, arguments, frowns, and tears ....can alleviate the pain and the angst ?  ...

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I Woke Up and Saw the News and Then Promptly Slammed my Head Against the Wall !

May 13, 2016

 Did we ever think that we would see the day ?
 Did we ?
 The day where the president of the United States is blackmailing school districts all over the country with thousands of dollars of funds if the schools do not allow boys into the girls restrooms and locker rooms and visa versa ?

 Here is my question...when and where does the lunacy stop ?
 At what point do we scream ' enough ?'
 Does something called COMMON SENSE exist at all any more ?

 I believe that it does, but we are literally lettin...

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Back By Popular Demand - Late Night Streaker

May 11, 2016

Posted by Pam Hastings on Thursday, June 4, 2009 Under: Humorous

     When our family bought our house some sixteen years ago, the nice young couple that we bought it from were the original owners. They had lived in the house for five years and were quite proud of the fact that not just them, but that all of the other families on the street were also the original owners of their homes as well…the point being that everyone was obviously very satisfied and...

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The Danger of Jumping to Conclusions

May 9, 2016

If you are breathing right now, you have had the experience of someone jumping to a conclusion about you.

 If their conclusion was positive and favorable, then chances are you we're okay with that.
 If their conclusion was negative and inaccurate, chances are....not so much.

If I have learned anything in my almost 60 years of living, it is that we cannot possibly know what others are really thinking.
We may assume, we may suppose, we may arrive at conclusions about another's thoughts and motive...

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Parents - You Know Your Child Better Than Anyone !

May 4, 2016


 Parents - May I ask you a question ?

 Who do your children live with ?

  For most moms and dads out there, I think the answer for most of you will be that your kiddos live with either their mom, their dad, or both parents. So let me ask you something....who knows your children more intimately than anyone knows them ?  

 The answer is the person that you see in the mirror.

 While this might seem like an obvious conclusion to all of us I sometimes wonder if it is. Why do I say that ? Becau...

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A Night That We Will Always Remember

August 13, 2015
t t
 Just two nights ago my husband and I were completely surprised by our all of our kids ( which to us is our kids and their spouses ) with a surprise 40th anniversary party. When I say that I was completely shocked, that is not an understatement. The big lie that they told me to get me to come to the restaurant was that we were all meeting for dinner to celebrate my birthday which also had been the day before. That sounded reasonable so of course I had no clue that the bash planned was...

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Consider the Moon the Next Time that you Look at It

July 8, 2015

The moon at night is a perfectly formed circle to our naked eye, is it not ?
I know that if we were up close, it would not actually be a perfect sphere yet from down here it appears that way.
Even that to me, is amazing.

If our entire universe and all of creation was formed by some cataclysmic, random event 
like a huge explosion out of nowhere
a super haphazard, meaningless " big bang "
what are the chances that the moon would look like it does ?

Have you ever thought about that ?

I have


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